December 2014

Formal Name of Organization
Stichting Adidam Nederland

Short Name
Within this document we will use the name: Adidam Netherlands

Fiscal # [RSIN]

Contact Information
Ineke van Amerongen,
Annendaalderweg 10
6105 AT Maria Hoop
0475 - 30 13 99

Board Structure and Names of Board Members
The organization has a Board whose members are: Gijs Blom, Renske Dahler and Alexander van Campen.

Statement of Purpose
To support the work of the religious organization named The Divine Avataric Holy Institution of Global Adidam Ruchiradam – Netherlands, to make the Revelation of Adi Da Samraj and His Offering of Spiritual Realization available to the world, focusing on the Netherlands, and Europe, by proclaiming His eternal Presence and His Gifts to humankind, and by supporting the spiritual transcendental practice of the Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam.

Goals of Adidam Netherlands
The primary aims of Adidam Netherlands are to support the work of The Divine Avataric Holy Institution of Global Adidam Ruchiradam – Netherlands to engage in religious, educational and functional activities which advance and support the work and communications of Adi Da Samraj about the Transcendental Nature of Reality and the prior unity of all beings, and to support the response to this Revelation. These aims are, focused on the Netherlands and Europe, specifically to achieve the following goals:

a. to serve, provide access to, and make globally known the work of Adi Da Samraj, in all of its forms including written, audio, visual, artistic, literary and theatrical expressions;

b. to make the work of Adi Da Samraj known and available to as many persons as possible, and serve and further the public’s understanding of his work;

c. to preserve, develop and provide for the maintenance and translation of the publications, historical archives and other collections which have been established to further appreciation and understanding of the work of Adi Da Samraj in all of its forms;

d. to establish, preserve, develop and provide for the maintenance of sanctuaries and buildings, in particular, our Ashram and Retreat Center in Maria Hoop, known as ‘The European Danda’, outdoor environments and locales which house, display and otherwise serve the work of Adi Da Samraj in all of its forms, and to protect and provide right access to the sacred spaces blessed by Adi Da Samraj.

Subject to the sacred governance of the Ruchira Sannyasin Order, Adidam Netherlands cannot take or allow any action, within its jurisdiction, that is contrary to, or inconsistent with, the teachings of Adi Da Samraj and the sacred principles and purposes of his work in all its forms, as authoritatively interpreted solely and exclusively by the formal Sacred Authority Office that Adi Da established to extend his Source-Authority over all his work.

Activities of Adidam Netherlands
The major activities of the religious organization named The Divine Avataric Holy Institution of Global Adidam Ruchiradam are in the domains of our public Mission and serving the needs of members. We hold 3 or 4 major public retreats per year at our Regional Center in Maria Hoop. We also organize a schedule of smaller introductory events at major centers around the Netherlands. And we hold regular public study sessions in our Amsterdam Center and in members’ homes in other locations. We also act as the organizing body for Adidam across Europe. We have members in Germany who we support in their Mission efforts and training.

Our members adapt to a spiritual practice that requires daily sacramental activity, meditation, study, diet and exercise. Adidam Netherlands supports and helps members in their growth in practice.

An important part of our Way is the contemplative service to the Sacred Spaces in our main property in Maria Hoop, where our Spiritual Master twice spent extended visits. We maintain several indoor locations, and one outdoor site, where our Master spent significant time, as well as other Sacred Spaces of our religious organization.

Accomplishments of Adidam Netherlands in 2014
Four-day Public Retreats with guest speakers were held in April, July, and November. Member retreats were held quarterly, with additional special event retreats held in April, Juli and November to mark special events on our calendar.

Members’ growth in practice is a significant work and sign of progress, and in 2014 there were 6 transitions either to formal practice or to higher levels of practice.

Significant maintenance and improvements continue were made on the ‘European Danda’, our headquarters and main retreat center in Maria Hoop, addressing needs in safety, better insulation to lower heating costs, etc.

Sacramental activities are carried out on a daily schedule, with weekly educational lessons and other related support activities are also carried out at the Danda.
Regular work was carried out on our garden, which provides some food and many flowers for use in the Danda.

Adidam Netherlands operates on an entirely voluntary basis. No one is paid.

Financial overview