The European Danda

My Divine Avataric Incarnation here Is the Profoundest of Divine Gifts. My Divine Avataric Incarnaton here Is the Perfect Gift of Reality Itself.

As I Am–and In Plain Sight”  The Aletheon, p. 1819
~ Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Da Jayanthi 2020

Saturday November 7th & Sunday November 8th

Please join us for our online celebration of Da Jayanthi, featuring live participation in Sacred Events at the European Danda – puja, chanting, presentations from Adi Da Samrajashram, the Mountain of Attention and the European Danda, an Image Art Screening.


We had a very positive response to our Da Purnima pricing, and so we will continue with that for major online events. As before, the normal celebration fee for this event is €81. For those with greater means, we suggest a Patron-level contribution of €108. And to encourage as many as possible to participate, we offer an option of €54 – for those with lower incomes.

Your participation is direct support for the European Danda, which used to earn a considerable portion of its income every year by holding live events at major celebrations. Due to the virus, the Danda has been closed, and so we need your help to generate the replacement of that income via online events, since our expenses continue. We thank you for your support!

“I was . . . Born (in human Form) in a terrible moment of necessity—to Call humankind to the Great Moment of new understanding, and to the Great Future of a Single Destiny.”

— Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The Aletheon

Adi Da Samraj: The Appearance of the Divine Avatar

The European Danda